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Weekly Letter From The Seneschal's Desk November 11-13th

There is a new letter from our Seneschal.

Hello, Quintavians.

If you are not aware, we are having children's fighter practice this coming Sunday. We are still working on complete sets of armor for each child, so we have planned a Heraldry activity instead. Children will be working on learning about personal devices, period names, and even working on crafts that will designate the children as members of Quintavia and the East Kingdom. Please feel free to come out and enjoy this children's class.

Also, our Knight Marshall has arranged for our group of fighters to caravan to another fight practice this Sunday. The MEMEC center will be open for all to come and enjoy, but there will be no Marshall this week, and no active fighter practice. Everyone is more than welcome to come and enjoy the day working on A&S projects, or whatever current project you are interested in.

The position of Mistress of Arts & Sciences opened this week. Our gracious Princess (Duchess) Anna Tarragon has had to step down. Letters of intent are being accepted, and will be accepted up until the next meeting date of December 13th. The Friday before the meeting, all letters of intent will be posted on the Web Site, and the Shire will be able to review them before voting on Tuesday. Submit your letter, support your shire, and think about how you can enhance the Shire with your experience and enthusiasm for A&S.

If you are not interested in taking on a position, please consider being a deputy. A deputy can handle specific areas or projects for an officers, they can learn the reporting, and they can provide much-needed relief when Real-Life comes to interrupt our hobbies.

There are a few things that were addressed at the meeting that need to be addressed still:

An Order of Prescendence is being compiled. Please get that info to Brigit so she can get it together.

A book of Quintavian history is being compiled, also. Please get your persona information to Andrea (Vicki) so she can get our book ready.

We're looking (as a shire) at selecting two or three demos to do a year. Currently, we have a boy scout demo on February 11th, which is the same day as Bergenthal's Schola event. What kind of demo's should we be looking at? How often would we be doing demo's? Are we interested in doing this Demo and splitting our group in half for the Bergenthal Schola?

Independent Classes: We're looking to add the individual class listings to the Shire Calendar. Consider submitting the information a week (or even three days) in advance to be posted on the website so people will attend. We had a lovely Email discussion, and I'd like to keep the classes you're interested in available and posted for those that are interested. Consider the class size limit, the location, and the times. Have a point of contact so people can confirm them as well.

Shire Librarian was not voted on. Can people please email me *alone* so we can get a vote on this position?

While we're in the 'dormant' phase of the year, let's think on all these things. Input is always welcome, and always encouraged.

While we're ' in for the winter ' let's plan on getting those A&S research classes going, and get our A&S projects, and our garb projects underway. Ideas, thoughts and questions are always welcome.

~Yours in Service,

Lady Allura McKeoch
Senechal of Quintavia
Seamstress at Large
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