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Siege Class - Januar 8th

The good Lord Harald Orn has sent forth this message:

Unto the good Lords and Ladies, Noble and Gentle alike of the Shire of Quintavia and the Kingdom of the East do I, Lord Harald Orn send greetings this cold December day.

The time of year has arrived for feasting and making merry. The Goose shall soon be cooked. The fire made up in the hearth. Friends and family alike shall gather in our lavishly decorated halls for the celebration of Yule. With bellies full of fine foods and a glass full of our favorite spirit shall we sit in fellowship and speak of the year that has passed. The events of the year shall be celebrated and the word-fame of our heroes shall be spread across the land.

This year, however, the celebrations shall be a little louder and more boisterous in the halls of the Dragon?s horde than they are here in our Eastern realm. For in spite of the valor, determination, and skill of our great Eastern warriors and allies; the Dragon?s horde did overwhelm us this August upon the fields of Aethelmearc.

I stood upon that field, with my brothers and sisters in arms this summer. I witnessed the courage, skill, and honor of friend and foe alike. I also noted the advantage the Dragon garnered through use of Siege Weapons and Combat Archers. I saw Knight and Lord alike who fought under the Tyger?s banner cringe and balk at the shouted warning of incoming siege munitions and arrows. I trudged repeatedly across the causeway to the castle, ankle deep in ballitae bolts and combat arrows sent outward from the battlements by our enemies inside. On the bridge, earlier in the week, I felt the sting of the enemy?s munitions, taking a ballistae bolt in the foot. I have seen the chaos these machines of war can create in an enemy force. Thusly do I believe that these weapons of chaos and destruction need to be brought to greater prominence in the armies of the East. To show our enemies that they are not the only ones who possess the skill and technology to disrupt and destroy from afar and to strike fear in their hearts of the enemy with naught more than a word... ?Incoming!?

While our enemies sit idly by in their halls, enjoying their bellies full of Goose and pudding made of figs, telling tales of past glories while their dogs chew on the beef bone, shall I begin upon this quest I have chosen to pursue; seeking out those who would join me in this venture. Teaching and training them in the skills and tactics of the Siege Engineers as my position and experience indicates I should.


To be held on the 8th Day of the First Month of the 2005th year of our Lord. (January 8th, 2005)

Beginning at the sounding of the first hour after the noontime and concluding at or before the sounding of the second hour. (1pm-2pm)

To be held on the training grounds of the Shire of Quintavia, which I do serve as Marshal of Siege
(Mary Elizabeth McGrath Education Center, 130 Elm St., Millbury, MA)

Said class to consist of education and training regarding the rules pertaining to the construction, safety, and use of Siege Weapons upon the target ranges and battlefields of the SCA. At the conclusion of the class an ?open-book? oral examination shall be given to the class. Those who pass shall be granted an Authorization to operate Siege Weapons. A ?Heavy-List? authorization and appropriate armor is still required for those who wish to use Engines on the battlefield. Previously Authorized Engineers and Marshals are welcome to attend (and assist if they wish) as changes have been made in the Siege Handbook in the last year.

Yours In Service,

Lord Harald Orn,
Marshal of Siege, Shire of Quintavia

In laymans terms.....

A Siege Engineer Authorization Class will be held:

Mary Elizabeth McGrath Education Center (MEMEC)
In Millbury, MA

During the regular Sunday gathering for the Shire of Quintavia.

The class is required to use Siege Engines on the target ranges and battlefields at SCA events.

For additional information please contact:

Lord Harald Orn
MKA Scott Marks
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