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The Shire of Quintavia's Journal
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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010
12:04 pm
Butchering Workshops
Hi Everyone,

I'll be holding butchering workshops on Saturday April 3, and on Saturday, April 17. Those seem to be the most doable for the most individuals who want to come.

We'll begin noonish.

Remember: no one is required/expected to participate or even view any part of the proceedings they'd rather not participate/view. You do/watch only the parts you want to do/watch. Dunno which animals will be which days. The choices are rabbit, roosters, goose, duck.

Drop me a line if you think you might want to attend. I will send out another notice closer to the Workshop dates.

In Service,
Thursday, May 21st, 2009
8:08 pm
Henry V - June 6 in Needham, MA
Please drop Mistress Caitlin Davies, </a></b></a>msmemory , an Email if you are coming to the event. We want to make sure there's enough food!

The event website is here: www.henrythefifth.org


Smeared Rabbit
Roast Beef with Sauces
Sallet with oil and vinegar
Sallet of Lemmons
Spinach or Asparagus Tart


Shrewsbury Cakes, Fine Cakes, Trifle, Fresh Fruit.
Saturday, April 11th, 2009
4:22 pm
Henry V - Dinner and Shakespeare in Carolingia, June 6 from 5-10pm
O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend
The brightest heaven of invention,
A kingdom for a stage, princes to act
And monarchs to behold the swelling scene!"

-- Henry V, Prologue
William Shakespeare

The Barony of Carolingia bid you join us on June 6, 2009 from 5 - 10pm in a delectable buffet and an evening of bardic theater to entertain.


Baroness Aurelia Rufinia will begin the evening with a tantalizing Elizabethan repast from her kitchen including a menu of rabbit pies and various other delights.
Following the meal, settle in as the Baronial players present William Shakespeare’s “Henry the Fifth”, directed by Duke Vissevald Selkirksson (first thought to have been performed in The Globe and definitely early on in the Court of King James I of England around 1604).

At-a-Glance InformationCollapse )

Benjamin Le Bruyn of Tarvin Hollow
Monday, March 9th, 2009
9:26 am
Hafla Thanks
Greetings Shirelings,

We had a successful event on Saturday, and I'd like to give a shout out to some of the folks who helped make it so much fun.

Mistress Eleanor le Brun was invaluable in running gate
Lady Teresa Giani, and her kitchen staff (Lady Allura, Mistress Eleanor, Thomas, and probably others) produced a delicious and much raved about dayboard.
Lady Toi and Lady Allura made a fabulous subtlety.
Lady Meabhdh was a blessing for handling the merchants.

The performers: Master Erik, The Dancing Gypsy, Hippy Chix/Eve, Diabolis in Musica, and i Sebastiani (and any others I may have forgotten) provided wonderful entertainment.

Finally, to the young men who helped set up and break down the hall, my great thanks!

If I have forgotten anyone, it is due to the feeble efforts of my poor brain, and not any reflection on the tremendous work done by many hands that day.

I remain your servant,
Aleksei Dmitriev
Hafla Autocrat
Tuesday, December 11th, 2007
11:37 am
Shire Business Meeting Rescheduled
The Shire business meeting has been rescheduled to December 18th due to the weather forecast and this being the last night of Hanukkah!
Monday, April 2nd, 2007
1:47 pm
Bardic Bar-Room Brawl April 21st
Quintavia's Bardic Bar-Room Brawl will take place April 21st

Fencers come help us fight of the bandits who come to invade this tavern!

Bards, Musicians, and dancers there will be plenty of room for play in a downstairs area equipped with it's very own stage to practice for the evening's festivities on the big stage!

Bring your games, cards, board and the like and teach us how to play, there will be plenty of room with tables to play in the main hall where you can also watch the fencers. (gambling is encouraged!)

Weather permitting there will be thrown weapons and possibly bocce!

And don't forget for your participation in the days activities you earn gold coins good for use in the Serf auction where you can buy your very own server for the evenings feast!

And what a feast it will be! Cooked by our very own Mistress Eleanor LeBrun and Lady Allura McKeoch, Please contact Eleanorlebrun@charter.net with any menu questions you may have.

If you are planning to attend the feast you should email Eleanorlebrun@charter.net to have a space reserved for you!

This shameless plug brought to you by the autocrat...
Sunday, March 11th, 2007
9:11 am
Born in the SCA...
Welcome to the world

Katharine Sarah Emily Fox

born 9:26 on 3/08/07

8 lbs. 2 oz. 20 inches long

Mom, Eleanor LeBrun, and baby are home and doing fine.

Congratulations Jim and Annette and big brother and sister Ben and Libby.
Saturday, February 17th, 2007
9:07 am
Archery Practice
At Hoops in Clinton, MA

Thursday, Feb 22nd Practice will start at 7:30 and the range is open until 9. We will be able to shoot up to 40 yards, so if we can get a marshal there, we can actually do official royal rounds.

Cost is $10 per hour if you have your own equipment, they also have equipment rental for $3.50 per hour.

Please contact (Lord Aleksei Dmitriev). at 978-368-1136, or email dana_gryphon@verizon.net
8:58 am
Boyscout Demo
I'd like to thank everyone who braved the cold Friday night and came to the Demo in Ayer. The kids were really excited and LOVED the fighting. Cheering on their favorites and screaminvg when they died!

The kids loved the crossbow, looking at the armor up close and the weaving that Lady Dhani brought to show fascinated many mom, sisters, and even the boys.
Thursday, November 16th, 2006
11:08 am
Quintavia's next event!
Bardic Bar-Room Brawl Tavern
April 21st 10am – 9pm
The First Parish of Bolton
673 Main Street | Bolton, MA 01740

Come to picturesque Quintavia for a Spring Day of bards, dancing, fencing, thrown weapons, feasting and fun!

Bards come sing a song or tell a tale we will have a day of sharing and practice for the evenings festivities. Dancers come and twirl around the beautiful tavern fair. Those who prefer to throw things, like axes and the like will have space outside for thrown weapons competition. Also plenty of room for gaming! Bring your favorite period games and teach us how to play! There will also be a ‘surf’ auction where you can bid to have your own personal servant for the feast in the evening.

Fencers help fight off the evil pirates who invade this fair tavern and protect the populace from harm! Bandits will be robbing the Tavern and Bandits as we all know are an ill bred, shifty and the Law Abiding upright citizens are honorable. This being said ONLY those shifty eye bandits are allowed Death From Behind. So we should all have some fun with this scenario. We’ll throw in some variations as well. As always, assistance from visiting marshals for authorizations, inspections would be greatly appreciated. For details on the fencing contact: alanofrosley@excite.com

There will be a Tavern-style day board and feast in the evening prepared by Mistress Eleanor LeBrun and Lady Allura McKeoch. Please contact Eleanorlebrun@charter.net with any menu questions you may have. (This site is Bone DRY!) Feast is limited to 80 persons so get your reservations in by April 1st to guarantee your space)

• Adult Day only: $8
• Adult Feast Fee: $10 pre registration only
• Children 11 – 17 Day only: $3
• Children 11 – 17 Feast: $5 pre registration only
• Children under 10 are free

Reservations Clerk
Mistress Eleanor LeBrun
Annette Fox
4 Celtic Ct.
Uxbridge Ma, 01569
Email: Eleanorlebrun@charter.net

Teresa Giani
Chrystie Terry
Bolton, MA
Email: chrystie69@gmail.com
Phone: 978-779-8225

We are the white church at the top of the hill in Bolton center, next to the Town Hall. We are located one-half mile west of Route 495 on Route 117 (Main Street) in Bolton.
The church is handicap accessible via an elevator located off the parking lot, to the left of the church's main entrance. A hearing assistance system is available for worship services.
Parking is available in the lot on the left side of the church. Parking is also available on the left side of the church driveway. Special spaces for those who need are immediately in front of the main entrance. The church is accessible to the physically challenged via an elevator located to the left of the main entrance, where handicapped parking also provided. Overflow parking is at the town hall and the school across the street.
Thursday, September 14th, 2006
7:01 am
Letter from the Senechal - 09-10-06
Hello, Quintavia!!!!

I know that the summer is winding down, but it is a nice time to start planning those projects for the winter!!!! We need to decide what we'd like to accomplish this winter, and see what decadent feasts we'd like to attend as well.

There are a few reminders I'd like to put out on the list for everyone - please pass along to those who might be interested, but who may not be on the mailing list.

1. Our first business meeting since Pennsic is Tuesday, September 12th. Please plan to attend and bring your ideas!!! If you cannot attend, but have input, please email an officer or friend and have your idea presented for you.

There are some general questions about the various types of practices being held at the MEMEC center, so I'd like to clarify what I can. If I am incorrect, please correct this notice.

1. Fencing practice is the first and third **SUNDAY** of each month. (That means we have fencing practice this coming Sunday.) As what I understand, you do not have to be a qualified fencer to come do footwork, and learn the basics. I think there are two loaner sets of jackets and helms, but please email the fencing marshall (Alan of Rosley) for more information. Practice starts around 1PM.

2. Regular Fighter Practices are still every Sunday. Fighter practice starts at 1pm, and our Knight Marshall does have some loaner gear. Please contact our Knight Marshall (Arik D'Coeurr) if you are interested in borrowing armor. We have a decent crowd, and we also have a crowd that may 'caravan' to a remote practice for something new! Please send all suggestions to our Knight Marshall.

3. Youth Practice is on hold at the moment. Yes, we have more children fighters than we shake a stick right now. However, with the Youth Combat Marshallate being away on Kingdom matters, we are holding off starting youth combat practices regularly again until October. As a Shire, many people have wonderfully donated and acquired stuff to build us a wonderful supply of loaner armor of all sizes. Please be sure to contact our youth Marshall (Kelvin MacGregor) to inquire about loaner armor and helmet standards for children to fight.

Even without fighter or fencing practice, there are always interesting people doing interesting things!!! We have active crafts people, and a wealth of talent and personalities to be enjoyed within our shire. Please stop out, invite a friend, and enjoy an afternoon with friends.

~Yours in Service,

Lady Allura McKeoch
Thursday, May 18th, 2006
1:51 pm
This Week In Quintavia
All practices & classes take place at MEMC in Milbury unless otherwise indicated.

Please be sure to RSVP to all class teachers via email with your contact information in case of cancellation.

Sunday May 21 - Open Noon - 5pm

* Heavy list, to take place in the gym or outside depending on weather
* 12 pm - 2 pm Calligraphy and Illumination Class with Mistress Rhonwyn Glyn Conwy of Aschehyst
* 2 pm - 4 pm The first planning/interest meeting for the Crossroads at Canterbury event

Tuesday May 23 - 7pm - 9 pm 

* Heavy list, in the gym.

Sunday May 28th - Closed in Observance of Memorial Day Weekend

Boredom War Needs You!
We are looking for Volunteers in all areas of the event but most notably need committee chairs for Water Bearer, A&S, and Classes. If you are interested in Volunteering please contact the autocrats at boredomwar@gmail.com

Arts & Sciences
Are you interested in teaching a class? Is there something you have always wanted to learn but haven't yet? Well let me know and I'll see if I can find a teacher for the class. 
Saturday, January 14th, 2006
6:56 pm
Upcoming Classes
Sunday February 19th - 2pm - 5 pm Dance Class with Christi
Sunday February 12th - 2 pm - 5 pm Dance Class with Christi
Sunday March 19th 2 pm Basic Heraldry with Brigit

I'm hoping to have more later but wanted to get the Dance Classes posted
Monday, December 19th, 2005
8:49 am
Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
9:31 am
Siege Class - Januar 8th
The good Lord Harald Orn has sent forth this message:

Unto the good Lords and Ladies, Noble and Gentle alike of the Shire of Quintavia and the Kingdom of the East do I, Lord Harald Orn send greetings this cold December day.

The time of year has arrived for feasting and making merry. The Goose shall soon be cooked. The fire made up in the hearth. Friends and family alike shall gather in our lavishly decorated halls for the celebration of Yule. With bellies full of fine foods and a glass full of our favorite spirit shall we sit in fellowship and speak of the year that has passed. The events of the year shall be celebrated and the word-fame of our heroes shall be spread across the land.

This year, however, the celebrations shall be a little louder and more boisterous in the halls of the Dragon?s horde than they are here in our Eastern realm. For in spite of the valor, determination, and skill of our great Eastern warriors and allies; the Dragon?s horde did overwhelm us this August upon the fields of Aethelmearc.

I stood upon that field, with my brothers and sisters in arms this summer. I witnessed the courage, skill, and honor of friend and foe alike. I also noted the advantage the Dragon garnered through use of Siege Weapons and Combat Archers. I saw Knight and Lord alike who fought under the Tyger?s banner cringe and balk at the shouted warning of incoming siege munitions and arrows. I trudged repeatedly across the causeway to the castle, ankle deep in ballitae bolts and combat arrows sent outward from the battlements by our enemies inside. On the bridge, earlier in the week, I felt the sting of the enemy?s munitions, taking a ballistae bolt in the foot. I have seen the chaos these machines of war can create in an enemy force. Thusly do I believe that these weapons of chaos and destruction need to be brought to greater prominence in the armies of the East. To show our enemies that they are not the only ones who possess the skill and technology to disrupt and destroy from afar and to strike fear in their hearts of the enemy with naught more than a word... ?Incoming!?

While our enemies sit idly by in their halls, enjoying their bellies full of Goose and pudding made of figs, telling tales of past glories while their dogs chew on the beef bone, shall I begin upon this quest I have chosen to pursue; seeking out those who would join me in this venture. Teaching and training them in the skills and tactics of the Siege Engineers as my position and experience indicates I should.


To be held on the 8th Day of the First Month of the 2005th year of our Lord. (January 8th, 2005)

Beginning at the sounding of the first hour after the noontime and concluding at or before the sounding of the second hour. (1pm-2pm)

To be held on the training grounds of the Shire of Quintavia, which I do serve as Marshal of Siege
(Mary Elizabeth McGrath Education Center, 130 Elm St., Millbury, MA)

Said class to consist of education and training regarding the rules pertaining to the construction, safety, and use of Siege Weapons upon the target ranges and battlefields of the SCA. At the conclusion of the class an ?open-book? oral examination shall be given to the class. Those who pass shall be granted an Authorization to operate Siege Weapons. A ?Heavy-List? authorization and appropriate armor is still required for those who wish to use Engines on the battlefield. Previously Authorized Engineers and Marshals are welcome to attend (and assist if they wish) as changes have been made in the Siege Handbook in the last year.

Yours In Service,

Lord Harald Orn,
Marshal of Siege, Shire of Quintavia

In laymans terms.....

A Siege Engineer Authorization Class will be held:

Mary Elizabeth McGrath Education Center (MEMEC)
In Millbury, MA

During the regular Sunday gathering for the Shire of Quintavia.

The class is required to use Siege Engines on the target ranges and battlefields at SCA events.

For additional information please contact:

Lord Harald Orn
MKA Scott Marks
Sunday, November 13th, 2005
11:03 am
Weekly Letter From The Seneschal's Desk November 11-13th
There is a new letter from our Seneschal.

Hello, Quintavians.

If you are not aware, we are having children's fighter practice this coming Sunday. We are still working on complete sets of armor for each child, so we have planned a Heraldry activity instead. Children will be working on learning about personal devices, period names, and even working on crafts that will designate the children as members of Quintavia and the East Kingdom. Please feel free to come out and enjoy this children's class.

Also, our Knight Marshall has arranged for our group of fighters to caravan to another fight practice this Sunday. The MEMEC center will be open for all to come and enjoy, but there will be no Marshall this week, and no active fighter practice. Everyone is more than welcome to come and enjoy the day working on A&S projects, or whatever current project you are interested in.

The position of Mistress of Arts & Sciences opened this week. Our gracious Princess (Duchess) Anna Tarragon has had to step down. Letters of intent are being accepted, and will be accepted up until the next meeting date of December 13th. The Friday before the meeting, all letters of intent will be posted on the Web Site, and the Shire will be able to review them before voting on Tuesday. Submit your letter, support your shire, and think about how you can enhance the Shire with your experience and enthusiasm for A&S.

If you are not interested in taking on a position, please consider being a deputy. A deputy can handle specific areas or projects for an officers, they can learn the reporting, and they can provide much-needed relief when Real-Life comes to interrupt our hobbies.

There are a few things that were addressed at the meeting that need to be addressed still:

An Order of Prescendence is being compiled. Please get that info to Brigit so she can get it together.

A book of Quintavian history is being compiled, also. Please get your persona information to Andrea (Vicki) so she can get our book ready.

We're looking (as a shire) at selecting two or three demos to do a year. Currently, we have a boy scout demo on February 11th, which is the same day as Bergenthal's Schola event. What kind of demo's should we be looking at? How often would we be doing demo's? Are we interested in doing this Demo and splitting our group in half for the Bergenthal Schola?

Independent Classes: We're looking to add the individual class listings to the Shire Calendar. Consider submitting the information a week (or even three days) in advance to be posted on the website so people will attend. We had a lovely Email discussion, and I'd like to keep the classes you're interested in available and posted for those that are interested. Consider the class size limit, the location, and the times. Have a point of contact so people can confirm them as well.

Shire Librarian was not voted on. Can people please email me *alone* so we can get a vote on this position?

While we're in the 'dormant' phase of the year, let's think on all these things. Input is always welcome, and always encouraged.

While we're ' in for the winter ' let's plan on getting those A&S research classes going, and get our A&S projects, and our garb projects underway. Ideas, thoughts and questions are always welcome.

~Yours in Service,

Lady Allura McKeoch
Senechal of Quintavia
Seamstress at Large
Sunday, October 30th, 2005
10:59 am
10:51 am
Weekly Letter From The Seneschal's Desk October 28-30, 2005
Posted for our Seneschal

Greetings, Quintavians!

I am sure this weeks' weather has us thinking of the bitter cold weather, and of our planning for warmer days next year.
We (the officers) are trying to post activities as soon as we have them on the web page. Our wonderful web mistress is posting
to our web site nearly every day, and if you have something to add, Email an officer (Or post to the list) and let us know.
We have the holiday's marked as no practice, and if there's inclement weather, we need to think about last minute contingency.

How would we contact one another in the event that people are still travelling to practice? (In their cars, etc.)
What makes us decide the weather is too rough to be braved? Who makes that decision?
In our winter planning, we must think more like a group, and less like individuals.
Did someone tell you they were venturing out? Could someone be reached via Cell Phone?
Who would you call if your car was off the road?

I am new to New England and this weather, but I am not new to contingency planning. Let's all think on this - and on how the SCA addresses emergencies. How we can think and effectively implement a plan to communicate quickly and react quickly?

There are still a few positions within the Shire that are open, and there are several projects that have not been assigned, addressed, etc.
I encourage free-thinking, and I admire people who create jobs for themselves. In light of that, here are a few suggestions:

We still do not have a Mistress of Lists.

We still need deputies!! Would you like to plan and contribute to a position without having to handle all the reporting?
Maybe you'd like to learn about an officers position before you express an interest in it? Ask around. I'm sure that everyone
would love to have a deputy, a second in charge, and someone to pal around with.

Classes, Classes, Classes! We are in need of having a regularly scheduled 'event' going on a couple of days a month.
How can we best get into making new garb? Drumming? Painting? Cooking period foods? Making Armor? Dancing?
If you have the desire to instruct, or if you would like to consider helping someone else instruct - step forward.

This weekend we start kids' combat instruction, and Tuesday we'll be making War Banners.
Come out, join us, and get involved and participate in your shire.

Yours in Service,

Lady Allura McKeoch
Seamstress at Large
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
3:22 pm
Posting for our Chatelaine - Toi
Letter from our Chatelaine about the Revel in November!

Greetings To All Good Gentles
You are invited to a Revel

Mark your book of days for November 6th, as there is to be much revelry and merry making at the Mary Elizabeth McGrath Educational Center (MEMEC) from 1-5 PM.

Messengers have been sent out to the distant lands from our Shire for all to join with us for these festivities.

Come one! come all! and join us for a potluck feast in our fair Shire of Quintavia. Most importantly bring delightful victuals for our dining pleasure. Pray tell me at your earliest convenience what manner of cookery you will delight us with that day. For lo, what need have we of 50 pounds of hummus and yet nothing to slake our thirst?

Bring your children as there will be activities planned for their amusement. If our Lords don their armor, there will be fighting. We also plan to have a drumming circle, and a piper!

I look forward to your missive regarding delectables within the next fortnight so that I might receive it by Samhain.

Yours in Service,

Toi Poisson de Mortagne
Shire of Quintavia
Sunday, October 16th, 2005
8:47 am
Weekly Letter From The Seneschal's Desk October 14-16, 2005
Here is the latest letter from our Seneschal

October 14-16, 2005

Greetings to all Quintavians,

I'm sure that this week finds us all damp around the edges, and wishing for nicer, dryer weather. This week of wet weather has also brought to mind what kinds of winter activities are we planning for the months where we will be inside and we can wear our warmer garb.

For those who did not attend our monthly meeting on Tuesday, here are some things to chew on for this week.

If you have comments, or questions, or would like to be added to our mailing list, please add yourself to our email list, or Email an officer of the Shire directly.

1. We're planning on having a fall Revel - inside - on November 6th @ the MEMEC Center. We're thinking along the lines of a PotLuck, a drum circle - and possibly planning of some A&S activities for over the winter months.

This is a good time to plan winter projects in our own time because the Holidays will quickly consume our time. (Make sure to check the schedule oer the Holidays. Practices may not occur over Holiday weekends - and when we have too much snow.)

2. We're trying to tenatively schedule two more revels for next year!

We'd like to do an Open Revel (Middle-Eastern Themed) in February.
We'd like to do an Independent A&S event/Schola and maybe do a Ladies Solar in April.

We're putting a call out to all Quintavians...

Do you know of a good place to hold an event?
Do you know of a good place to hold a Demo?

We're looking to encourage our little Shire to grow, and we cannot do that without everyone's attention and encouragement. If you have location and Demo suggestions, contact our Chatelaine Toi Poisson de Mortagne

Please feel free to email back comments, suggestions, event suggestions, class suggestions, and check our calendar weekly. We're currently scheduling A&S Classes on Sundays & Tuesdays, we're looking for a rotating Dance Class, and if you would like to see a specific class - Step up, Put your hand up, and have your vote counted!

Falling Leaves is Saturday and we may be rained out except for Baronial Court and an informal Potluck. Check your Email, or this website for more news.

Have a terrific weekend - and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday for fight practice at the MEMEC Center.

In your Humble Service,

Lady Allura McKeoch
Senechal of Quintavia
Seamstress at Large
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