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Weekly Letter From The Seneschal's Desk October 14-16, 2005

Here is the latest letter from our Seneschal

October 14-16, 2005

Greetings to all Quintavians,

I'm sure that this week finds us all damp around the edges, and wishing for nicer, dryer weather. This week of wet weather has also brought to mind what kinds of winter activities are we planning for the months where we will be inside and we can wear our warmer garb.

For those who did not attend our monthly meeting on Tuesday, here are some things to chew on for this week.

If you have comments, or questions, or would like to be added to our mailing list, please add yourself to our email list, or Email an officer of the Shire directly.

1. We're planning on having a fall Revel - inside - on November 6th @ the MEMEC Center. We're thinking along the lines of a PotLuck, a drum circle - and possibly planning of some A&S activities for over the winter months.

This is a good time to plan winter projects in our own time because the Holidays will quickly consume our time. (Make sure to check the schedule oer the Holidays. Practices may not occur over Holiday weekends - and when we have too much snow.)

2. We're trying to tenatively schedule two more revels for next year!

We'd like to do an Open Revel (Middle-Eastern Themed) in February.
We'd like to do an Independent A&S event/Schola and maybe do a Ladies Solar in April.

We're putting a call out to all Quintavians...

Do you know of a good place to hold an event?
Do you know of a good place to hold a Demo?

We're looking to encourage our little Shire to grow, and we cannot do that without everyone's attention and encouragement. If you have location and Demo suggestions, contact our Chatelaine Toi Poisson de Mortagne

Please feel free to email back comments, suggestions, event suggestions, class suggestions, and check our calendar weekly. We're currently scheduling A&S Classes on Sundays & Tuesdays, we're looking for a rotating Dance Class, and if you would like to see a specific class - Step up, Put your hand up, and have your vote counted!

Falling Leaves is Saturday and we may be rained out except for Baronial Court and an informal Potluck. Check your Email, or this website for more news.

Have a terrific weekend - and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday for fight practice at the MEMEC Center.

In your Humble Service,

Lady Allura McKeoch
Senechal of Quintavia
Seamstress at Large
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