Alice Werner (Allura McKeoch) (luramckeoch) wrote in quintaviasca,
Alice Werner (Allura McKeoch)

Letter from the Senechal - 09-10-06

Hello, Quintavia!!!!

I know that the summer is winding down, but it is a nice time to start planning those projects for the winter!!!! We need to decide what we'd like to accomplish this winter, and see what decadent feasts we'd like to attend as well.

There are a few reminders I'd like to put out on the list for everyone - please pass along to those who might be interested, but who may not be on the mailing list.

1. Our first business meeting since Pennsic is Tuesday, September 12th. Please plan to attend and bring your ideas!!! If you cannot attend, but have input, please email an officer or friend and have your idea presented for you.

There are some general questions about the various types of practices being held at the MEMEC center, so I'd like to clarify what I can. If I am incorrect, please correct this notice.

1. Fencing practice is the first and third **SUNDAY** of each month. (That means we have fencing practice this coming Sunday.) As what I understand, you do not have to be a qualified fencer to come do footwork, and learn the basics. I think there are two loaner sets of jackets and helms, but please email the fencing marshall (Alan of Rosley) for more information. Practice starts around 1PM.

2. Regular Fighter Practices are still every Sunday. Fighter practice starts at 1pm, and our Knight Marshall does have some loaner gear. Please contact our Knight Marshall (Arik D'Coeurr) if you are interested in borrowing armor. We have a decent crowd, and we also have a crowd that may 'caravan' to a remote practice for something new! Please send all suggestions to our Knight Marshall.

3. Youth Practice is on hold at the moment. Yes, we have more children fighters than we shake a stick right now. However, with the Youth Combat Marshallate being away on Kingdom matters, we are holding off starting youth combat practices regularly again until October. As a Shire, many people have wonderfully donated and acquired stuff to build us a wonderful supply of loaner armor of all sizes. Please be sure to contact our youth Marshall (Kelvin MacGregor) to inquire about loaner armor and helmet standards for children to fight.

Even without fighter or fencing practice, there are always interesting people doing interesting things!!! We have active crafts people, and a wealth of talent and personalities to be enjoyed within our shire. Please stop out, invite a friend, and enjoy an afternoon with friends.

~Yours in Service,

Lady Allura McKeoch
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