Gryph (gryphon2k) wrote in quintaviasca,

Hafla Thanks

Greetings Shirelings,

We had a successful event on Saturday, and I'd like to give a shout out to some of the folks who helped make it so much fun.

Mistress Eleanor le Brun was invaluable in running gate
Lady Teresa Giani, and her kitchen staff (Lady Allura, Mistress Eleanor, Thomas, and probably others) produced a delicious and much raved about dayboard.
Lady Toi and Lady Allura made a fabulous subtlety.
Lady Meabhdh was a blessing for handling the merchants.

The performers: Master Erik, The Dancing Gypsy, Hippy Chix/Eve, Diabolis in Musica, and i Sebastiani (and any others I may have forgotten) provided wonderful entertainment.

Finally, to the young men who helped set up and break down the hall, my great thanks!

If I have forgotten anyone, it is due to the feeble efforts of my poor brain, and not any reflection on the tremendous work done by many hands that day.

I remain your servant,
Aleksei Dmitriev
Hafla Autocrat
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